June 10 2021 0Comment

Welcome message from the Executive chairman EYOF committee FVG 2023 – Maurizio Dunnhofer

I am pleased to welcome you to Friuli Venezia Giulia, a small region, yet rich in breathtaking landscapes, as well as ecological, cultural, and gastronomic attractions. The area that is about to host you, has been strongly committed to sport, solidarity, young people, schools, research and universities since its foundation. I am confident that during this important event it will be able to show the athletes and all the guests from the many participating countries all the qualities for which this country and its people have become known and appreciated in the world. Our region will welcome you with hospitality and hard work, the same qualities that animate those entrusted with the task of guiding, coordinating, and promoting the best results of young athletes and spreading among them the feelings and ideals contained in the motivations that drive us people, especially young people, to compete. A competition organized in collaboration with our friends Austria and Slovenia, which aims to promote values such as internationality, friendship and fraternity, all elements that are the essence of the world of sport.


Maurizio Dunnhofer

Executive Chairman EYOF Committee FVG