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The olympic values Of The EYOF2023 FVG are presented to The students of the regional sports high schools

Amaro, 6 December 2023. Eighteen classes with a total of 360 students will participate in the conference “The Olympic Values of the EYOF2023 FVG”, which will take place tomorrow, 7 December, in the auditorium of the Palazzo della Regione in Via Sabbadini, Udine. Organised by the EYOF2023 FVG Organising Committee in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Merit and the Regional Ministry of Education, the conference, aimed at the students of the five state sports high schools of Tarvisio, Gemona, Maniago, Monfalcone and Trieste, aims to be a moment of reflection on the ethics and values of sport in the Olympic Charter.

“We wanted this meeting because we are firmly convinced that sport is not only an occupational opportunity, but also a great school of life, because even when it is individual, it is always a team game where everyone is called to respect the same rules – comments the president of the organising committee, Maurizio Duennhofer -. The purpose of this event is to remind all the students of the sports high schools also of the strong educational value, because a sportsman or woman is a true sportsman or woman when he or she plays the sport with passion, following the advice of the experienced, accepting the decisions of the jury and the referee without contradiction, winning without pretension and accepting defeats without disappointment, preferring to lose than to win by unfair means. Ethical and moral values of fairness that should guide each of us in our daily life”

Sport also as a generator of community because of its aggregating value and because of its ability to provide ideas for the development of projects and research, as presented during the morning by lecturers and researchers from the various faculties of the University of Udine. Sport as a starting point for research ranging from artificial intelligence to a visual traceability system for training programmes of competitive athletes developed by the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics, to healthy nutrition with local products of controlled origin from the regional food chain, with a study by the Department of Medicine that has developed a high-performance menu for winter athletes, to medicine with a focus on sports doping and the dangers of taking illegal and banned substances, presented by Dr. Aldo Passelli, specialist in sports medicine, and the study on the role of the medical field in the development of a new menu for winter athletes. Aldo Passelli, specialist in sports medicine and doctor at Udinese Calcio.

The conference will also be addressed by Sappada athlete Silvio Fauner, Olympic gold medallist in cross-country skiing and technical director of the regional winter sports federation for the 2022-2023 season.