We aim to create a developing and communication plan involving ambassadors, territory experts, which can link to young people and lead them closer to physical activity, a healthy lifestyle and awareness and care of the territory in which they live and the products of their land.

An educational and sustainable project for young people aged 14-18 geared toward sports as a lifestyle in Friuli Venezia Giulia and in the 50 countries involved in the EYOF2023. This remarkable competitive event, driven by the principles of the Olympic essence, will create a driving force and will give power to other driving initiatives that will generate positive chain effects on the territory, in terms of approach to physical activity, dietary awareness, an increase of healthy lifestyle, care of the landscape, creation of synergies and good habits.

Starting concepts to lead to a multitude of project developments

  1. Sport as a way of life! Mens sana in corpore sano: a pathway which, through an approach to sport, education on healthy food habits, involvement of young people and the local area, leads to a healthy lifestyle. Effort, as an experience lived with joy, becomes itself root to educational values, able to foster the development of a peaceful society that respects the fundamental rights of human dignity. In other words, a philosophy of life that harmoniously and symbiotically enhances the qualities of the body, awareness, will and spirit in relation to the surrounding environment and dialogue with nature.
  2. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Eat local, perform better, live happier. Training a healthy lifestyle as a cultural role-model and not just a sporting one in the strictly athletic sense, enhancing local production and learning about typical flavours and local gastronomic traditions. The use of 0km foodstuffs (short supply chain) from the local area and products of local know-how not only helps to maintain and protect the landscape, crafts and traditions, but also guarantees a higher nutritional value, which makes sporting performance more efficient and improves health.
  3. Sustainability is key to happiness. Adopting a healthy lifestyle by combining physical activity with a healthy, locally produced diet generates a virtuous circle for the whole community and the mountain area vulnerable to depopulation. It creates a positive impact on employment, protects the landscape, improves the quality of life, and generates a positive flywheel for inhabitants and tourists. It creates synergies and solidarity between different sectors. It reduces pollution and produces positive energy by creating a conection between human beings and nature. It is also an integral part of training young people in environmental awareness, reduction of consumption, maximisation of resources, energy efficiency, knowledge and love for the environment in which they live.