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INSIEME PER LA SOLIDARIETA’ (TOGETHER FOR SOLIDARITY), the event presented at the Dacia Arena in Udine

A quadrangular football tournament took place on the 7th of May.
The Sportivi FVG “ambassador” team of Eyof2023.


On 7 May, the quadrangular football tournament INSIEME PER LA SOLIDARIETA’ (TOGETHER FOR SOLIDARITY) involving the teams of the Nazionale Italiana Attori, the Nazionale Prefettizi, the FVG Blood Donors and the Sportivi FVG took place at the Stadio Friuli – Dacia Arena in Udine.
A transversal moment of sport and solidarity to let the positive messages that football can convey ring loud and clear. It was an important opportunity to raise money for charity for three regional associations: Andos (national association of breast-operated women), Oltre lo Sport (which aims to promote the integration of disabled children into society through sport) and the Italian Red Cross of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

At the Friuli stadium, there was a mixture of goals, smiles and solidarity, thanks to the participation of actors, footballers, athletes, coaches, representatives of institutions, civil society and associations, organised by Coni Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Prefecture of Udine, in collaboration with Udinese calcio and the Udine City Council.

The Sportivi FVG team, which won the quadrangular tournament by beating the FVG Blood Donors team in the final, wore the black uniform with the “Eyof 2023” logo, to promote this significant winter sports event, which will take place in the region from 21 to 28 January 2023 and will involve thousands of young athletes from all over Europe.


In the picture: the Sportivi FVG team wearing the Eyof 2023 jersey.