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The volunteer campaign was presented at the University of Trieste

This is a great opportunity for the students of the Department of Legal, Language, Interpreting and Translation Studies, given the international nature of the event.

On Wednesday 15 June, the presentation of the “Volunteers” campaign of the European Youth Olympic Festival – EYOF Friuli Venezia Giulia 2023 took place in the auditorium of the Department of Legal, Language, Interpreting and Translation Studies.
Professor Marella Magris, liaison between the University and the EYOF2023 organising committee, did the honours and highlighted the great opportunity for experience and growth that this event can offer with the presence of guests from almost 50 countries.

The Director General of EYOF2023, Giorgio Kaidisch, explained the programme of the festival to those present, highlighting the importance of the volunteer teams. We are here today in this prestigious department of the University of Trieste to offer you to become part of our family and experience emotions, passions, but also commitments and responsibilities that will enrich you above all as human beings. Kaidisch went on to elaborate on the specific requirements for the student interpreters and translators, who will mainly support the delegations of the various national Olympic committees and the large Olympic Family that will be based in Trieste.

The volunteers will have the task of accompanying and supporting the sports delegations (heads of delegations, athletes, team officials, etc.) as attachés in their daily routines and helping them solve all logistical and organisational problems. Another possibility is to support the large Olympic Family, which is accommodated in the regional capital for the duration of the festival. In the two hotels that will host the members and representatives of the European Olympic Committees and the VIP guests of the regional institutions, info desks will be set up, run by volunteers, to provide a whole range of information/advice, such as schedules of competitions, prize-giving ceremonies, competition venues, transfers, planned travel, etc. Volunteers may also choose to work in the press and ceremonies area. In this case, they will be responsible for assisting the accredited media representatives in the various press rooms that will be set up in the cities of Trieste and Udine, as well as the corners available directly at some of the race venues. They will also play an active role in the organisation and management of the opening and closing ceremonies of the festival.

These are key positions that must not only be able to reassure the delegation members, but also be efficient, punctual and precise when it comes to receiving all useful and necessary information and solving problems. Ideal profiles include a good command of English and another language of the nations represented at the EYOF 2023, excellent interpersonal, listening and problem-solving skills, and a friendly, flexible, reliable, responsible and serious attitude. Training for the volunteer team will start at the end of November with 8 hours divided into 2 sessions (4+4), both face-to-face and remote. At the end of EYOF FVG 2023, participants will receive a COE /EYOF2023 diploma and an official certificate of attendance. It is a great opportunity to apply as a volunteer and/or professional for the next Winter Olympic Games in Milan-Cortina 2026, with whom EYOF FVG 2023 has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on three areas: Technology, Sustainability and Volunteers.

The meeting concluded with a series of questions asked by the students, expressing their interest, curiosity and desire to “be there” at the 16th European Youth Olympic Festival in Friuli Venezia Giulia from 21 to 28 January 2023. You can apply by visiting the official website of the event www.eyof2023.it and filling in the form. For more information, please email volontari@eyof2023.it.