January 24 2023 0Comment

EOC President Capralos welcomed to Casa Italia by CONI General Secretary Mornati

Also in Tarvisio, CONI vice-president, former Italian ski racer Claudia Giordani

The CONI hospitality house set up in Tarvisio for EYOF2023, the European Youth Olympic Festival, a sporting event for under-18s currently taking place in Friuli Venezia Giulia, was visited on Tuesday 24th January by the President of the EOC (European Olympic Committees), Spyros Capralos, who took part in the activities at Casa Italia together with CONI Secretary General Carlo MORNATI. Capralos stopped for a chat with the European Young Olympic Ambassadors, the protagonists of the EOC’s programme to promote Olympic values among young athletes taking part in the European Youth Olympic Festival.

Also at Casa Italia, CONI vice-president, former Italian skiing racer Claudia Giordani, took part in a meeting together with CONI FVG president Giorgio Brandolin. The theme is sport and youth and the need to involve young people more, not only through major events, but also through multidisciplinary initiatives that give them the opportunity to try different sports and find the most suitable discipline in which to compete as an athlete. The area leader of CONI and the presidents of the Trento and Piedmont committees also were present via video call. The discussion revolved around the CONI Winter Trophy, the 2022 edition of which will be held in Trentino and the 2023 edition in Piedmont.

During the two days in Tarvisio, Giordani also had the opportunity to greet the young Italian and foreign athletes who enjoyed theentertainment centre at Casa Italia. A revitalised concept and increasingly the beating heart of multidisciplinarity.

Photo: Giorgio Brandolin with Claudia Giordani and Carlo Mornati

Photo: Carlo Mornati and Spyros Capralos