“The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”
Oprah Winfrey

Celebrating the Olympic spirit through symbols and art, with a mix of music, dance and fireworks, are the starting point of the opening and closing ceremonies, to share the culture of the host country.

TRIESTE – Opening Ceremony

Beautiful and cultured, Trieste is one of the nicest multicultural Italian cities. There are still echoes of the glorious Habsburg past that made it “the little Vienna on the sea.” In its characteristic mixture of languages, people and religions, on 21st January 2023 Trieste will host the opening Ceremony in Piazza Unità D’Italia where the Central European and Mediterranean souls happily meet.

UDINE - Closing Ceremony

Capital of the mediaeval Patria del Friuli, its ancient history is lost in legend. The geographic centre of a region which boasts as many as eight DOC producing a total of 80 million bottles a year, Udine could not fail to pay tribute to this winemaking tradition and it remarkably does it, in its numerous historical taverns, which also serve local specialities. With its beautiful Venetian like squares Udine will provide the ideal location for the Closing Ceremony on 28th January 2023.

Flower and Medal Ceremonies

Immediately after the end of each competition the three best athletes will be awarded with a bouquet award.

In the evening at the so-called “Medal Plaza” will take place the official winning ceremony to honour the athletes with the gold, silver and bronze medals.